I've been working as a roady for about 15 years now and for the last 6 of those I have never gotten on to a tour bus with out my trusty paradise hammock! It's the only reason Ive kept my sanity whilst touring stadiums and arenas all over the world. Knowing that my hammock is rigged under the stage to get a bit of shut eye between shows is a life saver!

Maybe if the weather stays nice I can sleep in my compact travel hammock overnight

Best buy of the year so far Dad, Brilliant fab colours 11yr old, Its my turn NOW! 14yr old, Yoga without having to do it Mum
Perfect Designing

Hello Paradise Hammocks, Just to let you know that the parachute silk travel hammock I bought from you for my husbands birthday is a complete hit. Hes lying in it right now saying This is so nice, Elise. I cant wait to take it camping. Maybe if the weather stays nice I can sleep in it overnight. Thanks for a great item.


Cotton Hammocks

Woven from 100% cotton in South America

Cotton Hammocks 


  • Single

    These cotton hammocks are all handmade in Latin America
    and are suitable for one large adult. They are described as
    blanket hammocks as the main body is a solid sheet which
    will support the body without leaving a diamond imprinted
    pattern on your skin.

  • Double

    Double cotton hammocks handwoven in Latin America. 100% cotton with a solid blanket and reinforced crocheted fixing hoops on each end.

  • Spreader Bar

    These are cotton hammocks with wooden spreader bars.

  • Sale