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Thank you paradise hammocks if we had more trees we would buy one each
Maybe if the weather stays nice I can sleep in my compact travel hammock overnight
I've been working as a roady for about 15 years now and for the last 6 of those I have never gotten on to a tour bus with out my trusty paradise hammock! It's the only reason Ive kept my sanity whilst touring stadiums and arenas all over the world. Knowing that my hammock is rigged under the stage to get a bit of shut eye between shows is a life saver!
Best buy of the year so far Dad, Brilliant fab colours 11yr old, Its my turn NOW! 14yr old, Yoga without having to do it Mum
Perfect Designing,
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Paradise Hammocks manufacture travel hammocks, cotton hammocks and hammock fixing kits


Travel Hammocks

The Hammock in a Bag.
Take on holiday, a walk in the woods, or set up in your home or garden

Easy to use our travel hammocks are made from parachute silk. They are ideal for hiking and backpacking being both lightweight and compact.

  • Luxurious comfort.
  • Resistant to bleaching by the Sun; and rotting from mildew or rain.
  • Compact and Lightweight. Ideal for camping or globe trotting.
  • Pack away in seconds into it's sown in pocket.
 A travel hammock in it's sewn-in pouch


Cotton Hammocks

100% cotton blanket hammocks. Ideal for your garden or home. Keeps you from becoming cold in our less tropical climate.

We offer fixing kits to suspend a hammock from; masonry and wood fixing kits for weight bearing masonry walls or wooden posts.
There are pdf files to download giving you all the info on how to hang a hammock.

Hammock chairs
A range of modern hammock chairs which have all the benefits and pleasure of lying in a hammock, while being able to hang it from a single fixing point.

Bold pink striped cotton hammock  Dreaming in a Dreamcatcher cotton hammock A green cotton hammock makes relaxing in your garden the ideal holiday destination  A cream large cotton hammock ideal for relaxing in your garden  A stripey cotton hammock handmade in Latin America  Beautiful orange cotton hammock  Mariners large cotton hammock ideal for relaxing in your garden  A deep blue cotton hammock for when you want to chill in your garden
Paradise Hammocks manufacture parachute silk travel hammocks

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